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´╗┐Paul Lacroix is a French creator in the field of new technologies based in Tokyo, with a particular interest in human-computer interactions, physics simulation, real-time rendering, and projection mapping. Either independently or through collaborations with experts in traditional disciplines and analog arts, he produces unique experiences, always keen to balance the technological aspect with reality.

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Sep 2023: Immersive installation at the Tokyo headquarters of Bandai Spirits
Apr 2023: Multi-mesh stitching software used in the medical field
Apr 2023: Sensing system for interactive floor projection in Osaka
Mar 2023: Animated picture wall installation in Achi Village
Apr 2023: Generative art installation at Epic Group in Tokyo
Apr 2022: Original cave immersive reality system
Mar 2022: Festival Platform Award/Geo-cosmos category at the 25th Japan Media Arts Festival
Jul 2021: Development of AR contents for smartphone event in Shinjuku
Mar 2021: Video wall system for at the Chanel's building 19M in Paris
Jan 2021: Projection mapping on an Audi model at the new Audi shop in Omotesando
Dec 2020: Speaker at the event Motion Plus Design World / Tokyo
Nov 2020: Generative art installation at NGC's headquarters in Toyosu
Oct 2020: Video wall system in Ginza (video: 10x4K & audio:1x7.1ch + 10x1ch)
Sep 2020: Real-time multi-camera stitching system (3x4K)
Apr 2020: Release of the body tracking and projection mapping project "Parted"

Portfolio with more project details