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October 2018: Interactive Bouldering Wall (Panasonic 100th anniversary)
Panasonic / P.I.C.S. -

    Engineer / Consultant

  • Consultant for high-speed tracking system and its integration
  • Development of a customized library for tracking on the wall
April 2018: Interactive Content (Hiroshima The Outlets/AEON)
P.I.C.S. -

    Software Engineer

  • Development of two interactive contents
  • Electronic interface for synchronizing the content with nearby elevator
Gachapon content video
December 2017: Light Aquarium (Tokyo International Forum)
P.I.C.S. -

    Software Developer / Interaction Designer

  • Home-made position sensor
  • Development of two interactive contents
Light aquarium (Official video)
October 2017: Interactive Content for Takashi Yanase Exhibition

    Software Developer / Interaction Designer

February 2016: Development and Installation of a Real-Time Virtual Character System at SEGA Joypolis (Shanghai and Tokyo)
SEGA Live Creation -

  • Development and integration of an original system with a convenient workflow for content creators
  • Real-time full body motion capture and rendering, support of Lip sync
  • Support of multiple characters and props
October 2015: Upgrade of the AR Clothes Fitting system (Osaka)
Transit Digital Works -

  • Customization of the system for business suits
  • System upgrade (multi-layer, auto-skinning, support of very high-resolution textures...)
  • Improvement of the calibration system
June 2015: Upgrade and Installation of the Virtual Character "Lopit" (Qingdao, China)
SEGA Live Creation -

  • System adjustments
July 2014: Interactive Seashore Floor Projection at Enoshima Aquarium
Naked - / Transit Digital Works -

    Software Developper / Interaction Designer

  • Real-time water simulation
  • Interaction with infrared sensing data
  • "Night style" artistic rendering
July 2012: Image Technical Director for the renewing of SEGA Tokyo Joypolis
Polygon Pictures Inc. -

  • Design and development of the system of real-time 3D virtual character
  • Evaluation of several 3D Projection Mapping systems
  • Design of the reference content templates and development of an After Effects plugin for template transformation
  • 3D Simulation software for preview
April 2012: Project Leading Engineer on AR Garment Fitting Project
Transit Digital Works -

  • Research and Development, system design
  • Real-time cloth physics simulation
  • Kinect skeleton data filtering/retargeting, improvement of the body detection quality
  • Cloth database management system
January 2012: Interactive content for the 100 Years anniversary of Sharp
Ittocan -

    Design Concept Graphic User Interface using both touch screen and Kinect motion sensing
October 2011: Interactive content at Ecobuild event (Tokyo International Forum)
Ittocan -

    Technical Director / Interaction Designer

    Multiple screens (8K pixels wide), double camera sensing
September 2010: Interactive content at Sky Hall Penthouse Wedding
Widget Inc.

October 2010: Interactive content at Sign Kasumigaseki
Widget Inc. / JET Agency

February 2010: Interactive contents at Aquamarine Fukushima
Widget Inc.

    Technical Direction / Interaction Designer

November 2009: Interactive content for the live show Keio NetBand Wa-i
Widget Inc.

2009: Conception and management of an interactive digital signage project
Widget Inc.

  • Research and development about visual sensing algorithms used with standard camera (motion and position estimation, face detection and tracking)
  • Promotion (website, documents, presentation video editing)
  • Customer relations, project budget estimation
  • Design of interactive content by using Flash or C++/OpenGL
  • Development of customizable content templates and their IDE
  • System installation, calibration and maintenance