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Mai 2019: Markerless Face Projection Mapping on Bilal Hassani at Eurovision 2019
French Delegation for the Eurovision/Takeru Shima (CG)

    Technical Director/Technology Developper

  • Technical direction
  • Customization of the markerless face projection system for live conditions

  • Eurovision Song Contest is a huge broadcasted live event followed by 200 million viewers. Part of the French delegation, I was in charge of the Face Projection Mapping. The system had to be installed on stage in only 40 seconds, so all calibrations and tests had to be completed before. I customized and optimized the system in order to increase its robustness for such a live event. The video is a little bit dark as the lighting technician forgot to switch on the backlights during the face projection, but the face tracking and projection mapping itself went well.
Bilal Hassani / Eurovision 2019
April 2019: The Lady in the Wood (Personal project)

    Director/Technology developper
  • Direction, content creation
  • System development
October 2018: Interactive Bouldering Wall (Panasonic 100th)
Panasonic / P.I.C.S. -

  • Consultant for high-speed tracking system and its integration
  • Development of a customized library for tracking on the wall
March 2018: Kamiboku x Facial Mapping: Merci
P.I.C.S. - / Recruit

    Technical Director / System Developper
  • Development of a Mobile Facial Projection Mapping System (hardware and software)
Merci (Official video)
Merci (Behind the scenes)
October 2017: Vincent van Gogh - Face Projection Mapping (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum)
TECHNONET - / Van Gaban

    Director / Face Projection Mapping System Developer
  • Direction of the content creation
  • Markerless tracking customized hardware development
  • Developpement of a non-rigid markerless tracking and projection mapping software
Official video
June 2017: EXISDANCE - Real-time tracking and projection mapping (Infocomm 2017 in Orlando)
Panasonic / P.I.C.S. -

    Technical Director / 3D Tracking Engineering
  • Use of the high-speed sensor/projector of Panasonic
  • Development of a custom 3D tracking approach for the upper body in live stage conditions
  • Integration into Unity3D
  • Use of my original synchronized media player for the background projectors
EXISDANCE at Infocomm 2017 (Official video)
EXISDANCE at Infocomm 2017 (Behind the scenes)
March 2017: Facial projection mapping for the Japanese promotion of Ghost in the Shell (Facial Hacking)
P.I.C.S. -

    Technical Director / Facial Projection Mapping Technology
  • Original motion capture system customized for facial projection mapping (hardware and software)
  • Upgrade of the facial projection mapping software Live Mapper
  • More technical details on my blog
September 2016: Facial projection mapping for the music video The Come Down
Collaboration with Empara Mi and Hiroto Kuwahara / P.I.C.S. -

  • Design of animated texture contents
  • Development of an original motion capture system customized for facial projection mapping (hardware and software)
  • Upgrade of the facial projection mapping software Live Mapper
  • Upgrade of the real-time reflective effect (mirror)
  • Creation of a new deep water effect
  • More technical details on my blog
Empara Mi - The Come Down (Official video)
Empara Mi - The Come Down (Behind the scenes)
January 2016: High-Speed Projection Mapping at CES 2016 (Las Vegas)
Panasonic / P.I.C.S. -

  • Consultant for Body Projection Mapping
  • Development of interactive contents demonstrating the capabilities of the new Panasonic's High-Speed Projection Mapping system
April 2015: Real-time Full Body Tracking & Projection Mapping (Paris, France)
Label Dalbin -

    Creation of a full body tracking and projection mapping system
  • Calibration system
  • Body tracking
  • Video texture projection
December 2014: Real-time Face Tracking & Projection Mapping for SMAPxSMAP (FUJI-TV) -
OMOTE members / YKBX

    Technical Director / System Architect
    New features of the Face Projection system:
  • Dual face projection mapping
  • Real-time relighting
August 2014: OMOTE / Real-time Face Tracking & Projection Mapping -
Collaboration with Nobumichi Asai and Hiroto Kuwahara

    Technical Director / Design & Development of the Real-time Face Tracking and Projection Mapping System:
  • Calibration system (projector and OptiTrack devices)
  • Original face tracking algorithm
  • Video texture projection
August 2013: Development of plugins for 3D Projection Mapping at Yokohama ORBI museum -

  • Design of the workflow for preparing contents
  • 3D Studio Max deformer plugin: alter the shape of 3D model of animals to fit a custom surface
  • After Effects plugin for easy preparation of the mapping contents
  • 3D Simulation software for preview
July 2013: Color correction system at Yokohama Dockyard Garden 3D Projection Mapping -
P.I.C.S. -

  • Automatic color calibration of the wall for 8 projectors
  • Real-time color correction
November 2012: Consultant at Caretta Shiodome projection mapping -
Polygon Pictures Inc. -

  • Design of the content workflow
  • Projection simulation
November 2011: Consultant at Seikei University 3D Projection Mapping -
P.I.C.S. - / Polygon Pictures Inc. -

  • Technical supervisor
  • Creation of a After Effects plugin for wall color correction