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October 2020: Generative art - Vector field based virtual sculpture

    At the occasion of the moving of their headquarters to Toyosu, the company NGC asked me to create a variation of one of my content so it can be placed in their lobby.

    Displayed on 4 curved screens, the content evolves and changes perpetually. Colors and shapes, as well as camera work are generated randomly in real-time.
February 2020: Interactive hologram
IBM Japan / Panasonic / TypeZero

    Technical director / Software developper

  • Software development

  • Developped as a front end demo for the AI interface Watson, this hologram interacts and provides information to customers visiting the head quarters of IBM Japan.
March 2019: Experience Room (Art Installation) at Rolls Royce Motor Cars Shanghai
Paul Lacroix / Dalbin

    Technical Director

  • Design of the technical solution and installation
  • 30 screens (5x3x2) for a total resolution of 19200x3240 pixels
September 2014: Installation of a 2D media server at Osaka Castle Park
Indy associates / Sharp

  • Installation of original media server synchronizating video on multiple computers
  • 27 screens (9x3) for a total resolution of 11520x2160 pixels (3x4K)
  • Adjustment of the system to handle multiple audio tracks
July 2014: Simulation Program for Yokohama Dockyard Garden Projection Mapping (compatible with Oculus Rift)
P.I.C.S. -

  • Simulation in first-person view of projection mapping event (used for content check or presentation)
  • Support of Oculus Rift virtual reality headset when available
March 2014: Development of a 2D media server at Haneda International Airport
Indy associates

    System Developper

  • Development of an original media server synchronizating video on multiple computers
  • Tools for data preparation and network synchronization
  • 36 screens (12x3) for a total resolution of 16392x2304
  • Technical support for interactive content on multiple screens
2013: Nuke plugin for realistic brush contours from 3D animation videos
Polygon Pictures Inc. -

August 2011: Consultant for optimizing the project management workflow on the TV series Transformers
Polygon Pictures Inc. -

June 2011: Nuke cutout filter with temporal stability used in the TV serie Tron Uprising
Polygon Pictures Inc. -

March 2011: Nuke plugin for automatic normal map generation from handmade celluloid used in the TV serie Tron Uprising
Polygon Pictures Inc. -

2010: Realistic brush animation software
Polygon Pictures Inc. -

  • Real time drawing capture
  • Stroke path edition
  • Progressive stroke drawing
  • Object animation with spline interpolation
  • Real-time preview and high quality rendering
  • User interface developed using Qt
2009: Real time fluid manipulation software used within introduction videos of a video game
Polygon Pictures Inc. -

  • Fluid and particle simulation
  • Real time drawing, edition and visualization
  • Importation of camera data from MAYA
  • User interface developed using MFC
2008: Work on a real-time video compositing embedded system for karaoke
Widget Inc.

  • Development of an ActiveX Control performing camera capture, compositing and recording to MPEG-2 file
  • Creation of customized DirectShow filters
  • Programming of software adjusting automatically the volume amplitude of audio data (robust approach)
  • Evaluation of several video compression formats for optimal display on mobile phone
  • Programming of software/hardware/network diagnostic software
  • Prototyping of a new interface connecting two devices in order to decrease the system cost
2008: Volume rendering of brain sequences for the new version of the animation movie Ghost In The Shell 2.0
Polygon Pictures Inc. -

2007: Development of a real-time task management Web application used for organizing the tasks of more than one hundred employees
Polygon Pictures Inc. -

    This application was used in the context of the American TV series My Friends Tigger and Pooh
2006: Software research and development

  • Digital measurements on 3D models
  • Scan anonymization
  • Scan stitching
  • Documentation, demonstration and training related with the software
  • Upgrade of the company 's website
  • Research and evaluation of methods especially in the following fields:
  • Processing of images and depth maps (Digital Elevation Model)
  • Scanner calibration, correction of the lens distortion
  • Mesh operations (polygonization, merging, simplification, comparison, positioning...)
  • Use of various data structures for optimization (octree, kd-tree...)
2004: Development of visualization and processing software for volume images
Pierre Fabre -

  • Reading volume data from DICOM files
  • Volume data processing
  • Programming of a volume rendering engine (real-time mode with texture stack approach, high quality mode with ray casting algorithm)
  • Polygonization of vascular network
  • Participation in the authoring of a software development normalization document
  • Software training
2003: Development of control software for a 3D scanner used in dermatology
Pierre Fabre -

  • Calibration of a vision system
  • Construction of 3D mesh from profilometer data
  • Color correction
  • Projection/merging of 2D textures on the 3D mesh
  • Research about mesh construction algorithms, publication of an article